21 Miles: Hiking the Hermit Trail, Grand Canyon, Ariz.

A strenuous trail for experienced Grand Canyon hikers, I hiked the Hermit Trail from Hermit’s Rest to Granite Rapids and back. *There’s another part to my story, someone who was in the background, but the reason behind my successful solo hike. Eric Stanley, a supervisor at the Grand Canyon General Store and top-notch in wilderness and adventure sports, advised me — especially on how much water was needed for a trail like this. He loaned me some of his gear, saving me on costly rentals. He believed in me. Sadly, he died while hiking late night in the Canyon, eight months after I hiked Hermit’s Trail. Stanley is one of the biggest influences in my life. I use the knowledge that he gave me in so many aspects of my life. He is missed….

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Hi, I’m Mike Ryan and I am obsessed with the Grand Canyon. Specifically the majestic South Rim National Park. I have been ever since my parents took me when I was a kid. Enjoy my daily blog of shared adventures of The Grand Canyon.

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  1. clubfootkolby says:

    grand canyon is the greatest place ever

  2. ArtisanTony says:

    How did Stanley Die? Sorry to hear.

  3. ragazzimo says:

    Hikers, you have to recognize the hazards of a salt and cooked food diet when engaging this kind of extreme condition activity. raw food keeps your blood cool , processed foods make the body unable to cope with the heat as it goes into extreme and sudden detoxification that can kill you in no time. next time you hike in extreme heat eat only raw fruits and veggies with NO salted foods and see what a difference it makes. Its no fun exploring all these wonderful places sick,,,,, have fun !!!

  4. melodies4all says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. The canyon looks exactly as it did when I hiked the same trail in 2001. I too lost the trail many time and found myself climbing the up the sides to try to spot that next cairn. I trained hard for more than six months for that trip – it still wasn’t enough.

  5. atreveteaz says:

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  6. Chiyo1967 says:

    The footage of the landscape was breathtaking – what stark beauty!

    Your journey was nothing less than amazing. I’m glad you were able find water. And, I’m glad you were able to really enjoy your pilgrimage… That’s how I see your travels here. More than just a “hike” but a soul-stirring pilgrimage. :o )

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. thelosthikers says:

    I absolutely LOVE Grand Canyon, i could Live there !! too bad ive never been to the south rim though, cuz thats where this trail is, right??

  8. 1019drummer says:

    fab vidio.

  9. 1019drummer says:

    great hike,az is fantastic.

  10. theangelsofmercy says:

    cool hiking video! hope to see more soon…

  11. theangelsofmercy says:

    that looks beautiful… we investigated on hiking in the tyrolean mountains. check out our video report :-)

  12. HikingAbe says:


  13. bobbyd040 says:

    awsome i was just there and did 8 miles, very good video

  14. bigdogITbiker says:

    real nice video.

  15. dudor89 says:

    we went from hermit to Bright Angel and it was 105 the day we started. My hands swelled up within the first two hours, but we eventually made it. We had encounters with 3 rattlers, but I managed to fight em off.

  16. SedonaCliffDweller says:

    Hiking alone is not recommended! Be smart–do it with a friend…

  17. jpamusher says:

    Plan on hiking boucher clear creek loop in the fall. Nice video!

  18. jpamusher says:

    Nice video! Congrats on the hike! I plan on doing Boucher,clear creek loop in the fall.

  19. Jayenwoods says:

    5 Start, great video!

    Wow you did it on your own! I’d love to do that, but I’d defiantly go in a group just encase something went wrong ;)

    I do hike videos where i live in Spain (although in somewhat of a smaller way than you lol) como and visit my channel when you get a moment, i’ve just started uploading my videos ;)

  20. chriswoollet says:

    at first I thought you were saying you went down & back in one day… I’m pretty sure that would be impossible though! The hermit trail was the 1st trail i took into the canyon at age 15 with a group of others. Going it alone in that heat is just crazy. Full props.

  21. ewtube says:

    Wow, hiking that far alone, going off the trail. U did well, good judgement (maybe some luck too).

    I’m reading the book about all the fatalities @ the Grand Canyon and now have a healthier respect for how easy things can go wrong.

  22. TheChristianView says:

    I just came back from the Grand Canyon, truly amazing. I didn’t dare get as close to the rim as you did haha!…..especially after hearing a ranger say people fall over! yikes! We were at elevations of 7000-8000 feet! Beautiful video!!

  23. nicolatwo says:

    Very nice. But it’s not safe for dogs, the trail is too narrow.

  24. heartsofspace says:

    Is it true that visitors often play hide and seek in the depths of the Grand Canyon?

  25. fotograh says:

    Girl, you’ve got more courage than some guys I know that would even think o hiking this trail…..very gutsy. I hope you didn’t hike it alone…NO WAY?…Did you really hike it alone?

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