How many days could I plan on a “safe” hike down Grand Canyon?

What is the longest you would recommend for an inexperienced hiker who is in great physical shape (51years old), to spend hiking in Grand Canyon?

3-4 nights too much?

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Hi, I’m Mike Ryan and I am obsessed with the Grand Canyon. Specifically the majestic South Rim National Park. I have been ever since my parents took me when I was a kid. Enjoy my daily blog of shared adventures of The Grand Canyon.

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  1. duker918 says:

    If you are talking about staying in or near GCNP and doing day hikes, 3-4 days is no problem at all. There are more than enough trails to keep you busy without killing you. If you mean backpacking overnight in the park, there are more things to consider. If you are thinking about hiking down to the river and back you should plan at least an over night trip.
    My personal recommendation would be to stay in or near the park and take day hikes. There are loads of accommodations available if you plan a bit in advance and it is well worth the trip!

  2. Ken says:

    no, 3 or 4 nights is about perfect, I usually spend at least 2 nights down there. the past few times, I have reserved a night stay at Indian Gardens, its a nice overnight spot half way out so its not so brutal on my body hiking out all in one day. there are alot of routes to plan to incorporate this stay at indian Gardens

  3. T Dude says:

    If you are asking about hiking _in_ the canyon for a couple of days and doing this in the next month or so, then _no_ time is safe. At least one hiker dies every year trying to hike to the river, or even just the Tonto Plateau.

    If you are asking about spending a few days up on the rim on day trips, then go as long as you can, and try to see both the South Rim and the North Rim — they are amazingly different!

    The temperatures inside the canyon are much, much higher than on the rim. As in the rest of Arizona, temperatures are driven by altitude, and the bottom of the canyon is at about the same altitude as Phoenix, so the temperatures are about the same (105+ in the shade, until at least mid-September). In addition, there is practically no shade anywhere…

    Hiking to the river is an amazing experience, but you need to do it during the cold(er) months (December is actually quite perfect for it).

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